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About Us

Canterbury Trap Intl Ltd is dedicated to providing competitive clay target shooters with the most robust, modern and versatile clay target throwing machines, in the world.


Our machines work equally well in the hottest or coldest of conditions – freezing winters or blazing summers are irrelevant – and deliver hundreds of thousands of targets with minimal maintenance.


We are constantly looking to implement the most modern technology in our pursuit to supply customers needs and our link with Canterbury Voice Release Intl ltd (the world’s largest supplier of clay target voice release systems) means our electronics are user-friendly, robust and designed to meet shooters needs.


We look at this sport with a fresh vision and the development of the world’s first automatic single-trap Bunker (Trench) machine epitomizes this approach. For those Olympic trap shooters who need to practice their sport, then this new machine will exceed their dreams! Touch button control gives access to all programs / traps at an instance.


We look forward to continuing our policy of “innovation & versatility”.