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Auto Trench at P2K Range El Cajon CA USA
  • Auto Trench at P2K Range El Cajon CA USA
  • P2K Range CA USA
  • Santa Ynel Valley Sportsman Association CA.
  • USA Shooting Teams mobile training bunker
  • Lake Edinboro Sportsmans Club in Pennsylvania
  • Inside the bunker


Canterbury has developed another world first, a fully automated Trench/Bunker system that one person can set up and operate. Using the proven Canterbury Crusader trap for target delivery and sophisticated software to drive the motion system Canterbury has developed the Auto Trench with practice in mind.

The Auto Trench system was designed primarily for competitors who enjoy practice shooting but dislike the amount of time and work involved with changing from one trench program to another. With this system a shooter can easily shoot all nine programs in one day on his own. With the traditional 15 trap layout this is just not possible.
The Canterbury Auto Trench system will emulate the traditional 15 trap layouts of the past, with one safe auto loading machine. The system uses the trusted Crusader trap for target delivery along with specialized software to drive the 3 axis motion system to achieve all the required height, angle and target release positions required by the ISSF rule book.
One person operation is a feature of the system, so practice on your own is now a reality.
Once you have completed the 5 min setup using simple push button controls you can select and shoot any of the 9 ISSF programs with the simple push of a button.
The control console will handle up to 6 shooters at a time, fully emulating competition conditions.
In Trench mode the system will cycle through all 25 targets in random order or in practice mode you can select a specific trap number to practice a difficult height and angle combination.
The target is released on the shooters call using the latest generation Canterbury wireless voice release technology, and it's also compatible with Canterbury's coin token system.
At only 3.5M long, the Auto Trench system in most cases, will fit into just one bank of your existing Trench bunker.

  • Standard features

  • Trench mode, emulates the traditional 15 trap layout.
  • ABT / Balltrap / Wobble trap, with unreadable interupt and sleep mode.
  • Four different practice modes.
  • One person operation.
  • 300 target capacity hopper.

"Now available in 110V 60hz option for America"


The Auto Trench control console is used to select the number of shooters, and the Trench program they wish to shoot. The console will monitor all shooters targets to ensure that each shooter is presented with the required 25 targets in random order.

Practice modes
allows the shooter to select a specific trap number for a difficult height / angle combination. The system can also be set to cycle through all the left, centre or right trap targets
in a selected program.

ABT / Continental / Balltrap modes
moves the trap to the centre position and will oscillate continuously left, right, up and down. The system includes an unreadable interupt and sleep mode as standard which stops the oscillation after two minutes of inactivity, saving power and extending the machines life.



Target setup is made         
easy using push buttons      
on the height & angles                                      
adjustment pendent.

The Auto Trench uses the latest generation
Canterbury Wireless Voice Release.       

The wireless referee's hand piece can be mounted on the speaker stand during practice, or under the referee's control during competition.

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