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Auto Trench, Ball Trap / Wobble Trap speaker set.

Includes everything required to shoot Ball trap/ Wobble trap from your
Auto Trench machine.
There are 4 complete speaker stands supplied with this set.

Crusader mini hoppper

The Mini hopper will fit onto all Crusader traps.
With 300 + target capacity it's fitted in minutes and includes a specially designed Flip Flop plate to take the mini targets.
Will accept 75mm Dia targets.

Crusader throwing arms

The Crusader can be supplied with two different types of rubber fitted to the throwing arm.
The soft green rubber is designed for standard DTL and Skeet targets. It grips the driving ring on the target and imparts more spin into the target improving target stability in flight.

The Harder red rubber is designed for ISSF Trap and Skeet targets. It imparts it's energy into throwing the target the 76M required while maintaining leaf spring life due to reduced spring tension.

Canterbury Voice Release Equipment

Please visit www.cvr.co.nz for voice release equipment.